Return Policy

*We will accept returns for all products*

  1. The Retailer must properly manifest the product back to the Fire Line facility.
  2. The manifest will be required to have an accurate date, time, delivery driver info, vehicle, product items, etc. as required by law.
  3. The products can be returned by the Retailer to our facility Monday – Friday (8 am – 12 pm), (1 pm – 5 pm)
  4. We will offer a pickup by our third party courier (Sasquatch) “at our convenience” (when we are in the area or delivering to the Retailer).
  5. We will inspect the returned product at our premises and confirm refund/non-refund with management team based on the condition of products.
  6. If the products are refundable then we will issue them a refund check or credit.
  7. If the products are non-refundable, there are two options for the Retailer…
    • Manifest the product back for the Retailer to pick up at our facility.
    • Recycle or destroy the product.